Commercial mortgage for a start-up “lifestyle change” holiday let business
We recently posted a case study entitled “Holiday let ‘live/work’ case study”, which concerned a customer wishing to purchase an existing trading holiday let business and combine that with a change in lifestyle. In this case the customer had recently sold a trading business, which, to a lender, is...
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Complex holiday let purchase via limited company At Holiday Let Mortgages, we receive enquiries relating to mortgages for both simple and professional holiday let, in equal measure. Usually these arise from internet searches based on very specific phrases. Simple holiday let property would be a single unit (house or flat), purchased as a private individual or... Continue reading
Holiday let ‘live/work’ case study At Holiday Let Mortgages, we deal with many different types of mortgage enquiries as you can well imagine; single archetypical white walled cottages, multiple dwelling part commercial/part residential properties and entire holiday parks, are all in our business mix. We enjoy the simple, but thrive on the work involved... Continue reading
Holiday let bridging loan exit At Holiday Let Mortgages, we are involved in all areas of commercial holiday let finance and mortgages, including scenarios labelled by lenders as “complex”. The term “complex holiday let mortgages” covers a wide variety of area of circumstances. In this case study, we are going to tell you about a customer... Continue reading
Holiday let renovation mortgage At Holiday Let Mortgages, we arrange millions of pounds in holiday let mortgage business every year. It has always been our policy to use real case studies based on real customer enquiries to bring our finance expertise to life. Our case studies can never be exhaustive, in terms of... Continue reading
Holiday let mortgage for new build flat At Holiday Let Mortgages, the clue really is in the name…………it’s all that we do! That gives us a very unique insight into the “minefield” of issues facing the unwary when trying to organise a property loan in this market without professional help. Most of our work doesn’t need to be... Continue reading
Deposit raising for holiday let purchase Those of you that have visited the Holiday Let Mortgages website before and have seen our case study section will know that we like to bring our work alive by telling you about real people and their holiday let mortgage scenarios. Here is our most recent case, we hope that... Continue reading