At Holiday Let Mortgages, we know how important your Holiday Let Property business is to you.

When you originally set out on your quest to find that perfect holiday let property you probably took professional advice from a whole host of experts, ranging from Estate and Letting Agents, to Solicitors. Well, when it comes to insuring your holiday let property, we recommend that you do the same; speak to an insurance professional to make sure you get the right holiday home insurance.


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If you obtain finance for a property that is to be let on a holiday basis, using mortgage products that are not specifically designed for that purpose (normal Buy to Let products or residential second home mortgages), you may invalidate any insurance cover in place. Notwithstanding the fact that you may have bought specialist holiday let cover policy. Insurers may be able to avoid the contract, citing fraud as the reason for not settling the claim. Should an insurance claim be repudiated due to a fraud; this matter would appear on a National Fraud Database and may have consequences for the policyholder in terms of all other insurances, current or proposed and/ or all applications for credit.

Please ensure your holiday home is protected by having the correct finance and insurance in place.

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Other Information

Tax info
Tax info

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Case Studies

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