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We have been arranging holiday let mortgages since 2006 and we have a ‘can do’ attitude to even the most complicated holiday let scenario.

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We won’t bamboozle you with finance jargon but we will provide practical, straightforward mortgage advice to help you achieve your holiday home goals.

Great advice, every time.

We are the UK’s leading finance broker for holiday let mortgage advice

Whether you need finance to purchase, remortgage, renovate or develop a property, we can help you with a range of innovative mortgage solutions.

Tax info
Tax info

Understanding the tax liabilities (and breaks) that are typically associated with a holiday let property can help you calculate the profitability of your investment.

Read our short guide here for more information …

Case Studies
Case Studies

At Holiday Let Mortgages we like to try and help our customers understand exactly what we do by using real case studies to bring our work to life.

Read on for some real stories of customers we have helped …

Jargon buster
Jargon buster

We believe in plain speaking and try to avoid jargon at all costs. That said, sometimes we have to use it.

Read our short Jargon Busting guide, helping you understand your BBR from Debenture, and your Mundic from LIBOR …