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We have helped many clients to achieve their dream of owning a property on a quality holiday park.

Over the last couple of decades, holiday parks have evolved considerably in terms of what they offer their customers. As an example, take a look at something like the The Cotswold Water Park. It’s beautifully kept and set in around 40 square miles of the countryside of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. There are lakes (lots of lakes) wildlife, leisure activities and everything that would attract tourists to visit.

The Cotswold Water Park is just one of many quality UK holiday parks that offer resort style self-catering accommodation. Some locations are very family friendly, whilst others are more adult focused in terms of accommodation and facilities.

In terms of property investment, such places can make a great place to own a holiday let, if you do your homework. Until recently, financing properties on holiday parks was very difficult, sometimes impossible. Most lenders specialising in mortgages to finance holiday and other short term rental property avoided holiday park locations altogether. Those that did charged high rates of interest at low loan to values. Whilst this is still the case today for parks that are not considered to be good quality in terms of the accommodation and facilities offered, some lenders are now willing to fund the purchase of properties on certain quality holiday parks at more reasonable rates of interest.

We have put together some basic mortgage lending criteria for you in terms of property tenure, construction and type of holiday park:

  • Property tenure must be freehold or long leasehold, no licensed sites
  • Minimum unexpired lease, 99 years
  • Minimum value/purchase price £250K
  • Minimum loan £100K
  • Properties restricted to holiday let use only acceptable, subject to wording
  • Property must be standard construction. No log cabins
If you are thinking of purchasing a property on a holiday park, please call us with details of the park first, so that we can check whether it will be accepted.

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By letting your holiday home out to holidaymakers, you can generate a valuable extra income, while your property investment will benefit from capital gains and income tax relief options that are unavailable to buy to let investors