Holiday Let Mortgage Calculators

There are many costs to consider for a holiday let property. At outset there are the initial purchase expenses and then once owned the ongoing costs. On this page we have provided 3 simple but helpful calculators to assist you.

Mortgage payment calculator

These calculators are for illustrative purposes only.

Stamp Duty calculator

These calculators are for illustrative purposes only.

How much can I borrow on a holiday let?

The calculation below will give you only an estimate of what you may be able to borrow based on your current monthly holiday lettings rent. There are many factors that contribute to the amount you may be lent and the figure below cannot be used as guaranteed amount.


These calculators are for illustrative purposes only.

How much can I borrow for a holiday let?

Usually the maximum you can borrow for a holiday let is 75% of the purchase price or value of a property. So if the property is valued at £300,000 you would need a deposit of £75,000 (25%) and a mortgage of £225,000 (75%). The maximum mortgage is based on the projected rent that your holiday let could produce, your income and the property value.

We have lots of useful information about the holiday let mortgage criteria to help you better understand how the lenders assess both the applicant and the property.

Holiday let mortgage rates

Mortgage rates for holiday lets will be slightly higher than those available for purchase of a main residence. However, the market is increasingly competitive and the holiday let mortgage rates being offered are at an historic low.

Holiday let mortgage lenders

As an authorised independent mortgage broker we deal with all of the lenders who offer mortgages for UK holiday lets. Some of these are well known high street lenders, some are smaller building societies and some are specialist lenders, banks and finance companies.

Occasionally a holiday cottage mortgage does not not fit the criteria of the standard mainstream lenders. So buy to holiday let mortgages are then arranged on a per client basis where the loan is underwritten on the borrowers particular circumstances.

This enables us to present a case to the lenders with relevant information so the application can be properly assessed. This is a very different process to a streamlined, online mortgage application. In addition, we have access to many specialist mortgage schemes and lenders due to our experience in this market place.