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Expat Holiday Let Mortgages

A popular investment strategy for British expats is to buy a holiday home property in the UK. Commonly this is commercial or residential buy to let but more expats are now seeing that a holiday let property can be a lucrative investment opportunity.

Holiday let mortgages themselves are quite hard to find, so combine this with an expat borrower, means that a specialist mortgage broker is almost certainly be going to be required.

Expat holiday let mortgages are only available from a small number of specialist UK lenders.

Holiday Let Mortgages is a specialist and has relationships built on trust with the few lenders that operate in the ex-pat market so we can do in hours what it may take others weeks. There are certain elements of preset mortgage lending criteria for ex-pat holiday let mortgages. However, each case is considered on its merits by a lending manager, rather than a computer.

The following are examples of typical lender requirements.

Individual lenders may have further requirements.

Holiday let mortgages

As a rough guide, applicants should:

  • reside in a country not subject to sanctions of any kind
  • be employed by a company capable of being found on a search
  • for the self-employed. The business should be searchable and have three years’ accounts available compiled by a recognised and qualified Accountant
  • be in receipt of UK private pension income
  • own a UK property (desirable, but not essential)
  • must have a UK Bank Account