Getting your exit clear – Re-financing a bridging loan
Refinancing a bridging loan which has been used to build or refurbish a property that is to be retained as a holiday let investment is a question that our customers approach us with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, problems can and do occur when attempting to refinance a bridging/property development...
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Can you rescue a part completed development project Q: I have a question for you, but better give you a little background first. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of time related trouble with a part-completed development project. I own some land and derelict barn outright with no mortgage. Originally it formed part of my adjoining property and I... Continue reading
Holiday let bridging loan exit At Holiday Let Mortgages, we are involved in all areas of commercial holiday let finance and mortgages, including scenarios labelled by lenders as “complex”. The term “complex holiday let mortgages” covers a wide variety of area of circumstances. In this case study, we are going to tell you about a customer... Continue reading
Bridging finance to holiday let finance Q I have a question for you which I seem to be having difficulty getting answered!! It may of course be that the answer we want to hear, is not out there. We have come to you because you are a specialist Mortgage Broker, with knowledge of financing holiday let and... Continue reading
Bridging a holiday let property Q Holiday Let Mortgages, we are trying to finance a project to convert a barn we intend to use for holiday letting. Problem is that we don’t like the interest rates that are being quoted for the Bridging Finance and we are finding it impossible to find a Holiday Let lender... Continue reading
Customers purchase, a “ bridge too far”?? Q We need your assistance, if possible, to help us secure a property, rather quickly. A couple of years ago, we purchased a second property, for £950K, using a bona fide, mortgage of £625K, supplied by Nationwide Building Society. Following some development work, we managed to augment the value to £1.3M. The... Continue reading
Bridging Finance: What to do next? Like many landlords, you may have decided to purchase an uninhabitable property using a bridging loan facility, with the intention of doing a “tart and turn”. Nothing too difficult; new kitchen, bathroom, bit of decor and you end up adding two or three pounds of value, for every pound... Continue reading