How to run a Holiday let Property: Top 5 Tips for Making a good first Impression

At present time, there is no question that the market for UK holiday rentals is booming, fuelled by a combination of factors, including safety concerns when travelling abroad, plus of course the low value of the pound against the Euro. The news is all good for the sector. Owners of holiday let properties are facing stiff competition for business though, as many existing owners are offering top end accommodation at reasonable prices, in a bid to outshine the competition.

Here are some basic tips to help your Holiday Let investment property stand out from the crowd and max out on available holiday letting income. You may think that these tips are just common sense; however, common sense can be incredibly uncommon!

1: Utilities

When your guests arrive tired, in a strange place, possibly at night and in the rain, the last thing that they want to be thinking about is working out how to switch the place on! Make sure that all utilities, are ready to go and if the water has been drained down after winter, make sure that it is in full working order. Ball valves have a nasty habit of sticking closed after a period……and that’s the last thing that your guests need on day one.

2: Welcome Pack

A comprehensive welcome pack is an essential item. Ask yourself what you would want to know immediately on your arrival and then work back.

If you have a good managing agent that provides a “meet and greet” service they should run through the pack with your guests and make them feel welcome. Essentials like how to operate the alarm, oven, heating controls and where the extra set of keys are kept must be covered off, together with Wi Fi codes etc. Most important is who to call in the event of an emergency, such as a blocked toilet.

If you do not arrange meet and greet, your guests are going to feel very underwhelmed if your welcome pack does not cover every detail that they need on arrival. Remember first impressions count and could make the difference in securing repeat business

3: Fast Broadband/Wi Fi Internet

In the 21st century, internet access is expected by guests. Make sure that you have a secure network and the password is included in your welcome pack!

4: Families

If your property lends itself to families, make sure that’s its equipped accordingly. If the property has a nice garden, make sure that it is safe for young ones. The list of family friendly ideas is endless, so it’s worth sitting down with a few friends to talk about collective holiday experiences; what was good and what was not so good. You might be surprised at what you can pick up!

5: Go the Extra Mile

Ensure the warmest welcome. You will never get another chance to make a first impression. Milk, coffee, tea, sugar will impress your weary traveller guests. A supply of kitchen consumables is a good idea: washing up liquid, foil, cling film, pan scrubbers, bottle opener and corkscrew are all little things that go a long way to impress guests. Do make sure you include some spare light bulbs.