Any expat mortgage is now a rarer commodity than it once was due to tightening regulation and the exit of Lloyds Bank from the market a few years ago.

Holiday Let Mortgages themselves are quite hard to locate, so combine the two and you know where we are going………

However, they can be found if you know where and how to look!

Ex pat holiday let mortgages tend not to sit ready made on the shelf waiting to be found on a “supermarket” style searching tool like standard buy to let mortgages. Most, if not all, ex pat holiday let mortgages are “made to order” through lenders that only operate through approved Brokers.

Holiday Let Mortgages is an approved Broker for several of these lenders.

Holiday Let Mortgages is a specialist and has relationships built on trust with a few lenders that operate in the ex- pat market so we can do in hours what it may take others weeks………. Lending criteria for ex-pat holiday let mortgages is very much bespoke and each case is individually underwritten. The following are examples of typical lender requirements. Individual lenders may have further requirements.

As a rough guide, applicants should:

  • reside in a country not subject to sanctions of any kind
  • be employed by a company capable of being found on a search
  • for the self -employed. The business should be searchable and have three years’ accounts available compiled by a recognised and qualified Accountant
  • be in receipt of UK private pension income
  • own a UK property (desirable, but not essential)
  • must have a UK Bank Account


  • must be fit for purpose at outset
  • traditional construction


  • up to 70 % LTV for the employed (and certain contractors) and 60% for self -employed (subject to rental cover)
  • no deposit option for those with other suitable property security available

Loan Purpose:

  • purchases and re-mortgages available

If you are looking for an Ex Pat Holiday Let Mortgage, please call us first on 020 8301 7931

Other Information

Tax info
Tax info

Understanding the tax liabilities (and breaks) that are typically associated with a holiday let property can help you calculate the profitability of your investment.

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Case Studies

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Jargon buster

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