Most FAQs about Holiday Let Mortgage Criteria
Q: Where can I find out about the requirements for getting a holiday let mortgage? A: Holiday let mortgage criteria vary greatly from lender to lender and can be quite difficult to find in their literature and even more difficult to understand. Lenders have tried to differentiate their products from...
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Can we borrow more than £500,000? Q I have a question, but it’s probably best that we give you some background in terms of our problem. We have found a property in Devon that would make an ideal holiday let property. It’s a single dwelling, just a large house with an acre of land; nothing unusual... Continue reading
Can I purchase a holiday let complex and live on site? Q My wife and I are considering a lifestyle change, moving away from our corporate city life and into the country. I am in Business Banking and my wife works for a company that advises on corporate takeovers. We are nowhere near retirement age, so will need a gainful occupation.... Continue reading
Help with a holiday let re-mortgage Q I have a holiday let remortgage question for you, as quite frankly can’t seem to find the answer myself. Here’s the brief. Last year we inherited some money. My wife and I have always liked the tangibility of property. Our accountant made us aware of the diminishing return on buy to... Continue reading
Holiday let remortgage after purchasing Q I have a question for you and I am really hoping that you can give me a positive answer with a way forward on a holiday let re-mortgage. My enquiries so far have drawn a blank. Just quickly to explain the situation to you. We have just completed on the purchase... Continue reading
Can you rescue a part completed development project Q: I have a question for you, but better give you a little background first. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of time related trouble with a part-completed development project. I own some land and derelict barn outright with no mortgage. Originally it formed part of my adjoining property and I... Continue reading
Should our Limited Company own a holiday let property? Q We have a couple of questions for you, but think it’s best to provide some background, before we can get to them. My wife and I are looking to purchase a holiday let business, which consists of seven fully converted, self- contained stone Barns, set in 4 acres, plus a... Continue reading