What size deposit do we need for a holiday let mortgage?
In order to get a holiday let mortgage, you will need to provide at least a 25% deposit. The reason that the deposit required for holiday let is slightly larger than some buy to let mortgages, is that lenders view the risk associated with short term letting as higher...
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Can we get a mortgage for a holiday let business? Yes, mortgages to purchase or refinance a holiday let business can be sourced on competitive terms. This type of lending is arranged and underwritten differently from the standard holiday let mortgages offered by banks and building societies, who use criteria and products available to landlords operating buy to lets. Mortgages... Continue reading
Purchasing a Guest House or B&B As a specialist mortgage broker that arranges finance for the hospitality (Travel and Tourism) business sector, we receive many early stage enquiries relating to the purchase of existing or start-up Guest Houses and B&Bs. These are some of the questions we are asked and might be useful to... Continue reading
Getting your exit clear – Re-financing a bridging loan Refinancing a bridging loan which has been used to build or refurbish a property that is to be retained as a holiday let investment is a question that our customers approach us with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, problems can and do occur when attempting to refinance a bridging/property development... Continue reading
How to run a Holiday let Property: Top 5 Tips for Making a good first Impression At present time, there is no question that the market for UK holiday rentals is booming, fuelled by a combination of factors, including safety concerns when travelling abroad, plus of course the low value of the pound against the Euro. The news is all good for the sector. Owners of... Continue reading
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FAQS about Holiday Letting, buy to Let and their mortgages What’s the difference between a holiday let property and buy to let? The main difference is in the style or type of occupancy. Buy to let landlords let properties on a relatively long term basis to tenants who have rights of occupancy under the Housing Act 1988. The properties are permanently... Continue reading